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Redwood Swings & Things
P.O. Box 704
Auberry, CA 93602
(559) 855-2041

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(559) 855-2041

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Alternative Designs

Fan Back Glider

Same back and forth movement of the Roll Back Glider but with a straighter back for those who need a little more lumbar support.

Adirondack w/ Foot Stool
Copy_of_ADIRONDACK_AND_STOOl.jpg (30480 bytes)

Take a cool drink and a good book and prepare to spend the afternoon in this very comfortable chair with separate foot stool.


Adirondack and Child's Adirondack
Copy_of_ADIRONDACK_AND_BABY.jpg (29782 bytes)

For your little person, here is the sturdy Child's Adirondack, a small version of the popular full-size Adirondack.  (This size does not come with a foot stool).

Child's - $65

Adjustable LoungeCopy_of_ADJUSTABLE_LOUNGE_-_HEX_END_TABLE.jpg (24707 bytes)
*Shipping Available

The Adjustable Lounge Chair adjusts to three levels.  These are comfortable with or without pads as the bed is curved to fit your body plus without pads the air flows between the slats keeping you cooler while sun bathing.  Choose from one of our three designs of End Tables to create an inviting area to relax and visit with a friend.

Our Adjustable Lounges are available with or without arms, and the option of a slide-out table to set a drink or magazine.

75" long x 24" wide


Double Adjustable Lounge

Sunbathe or lay under the stars and get a little cozy with our Double Adjustable Lounge. Slide-out table on both sides.

75" long x 48" wide


Fan Back ChairCopy_of_FAN_BACK.jpg (16791 bytes) The Fan Back Chair can be used alone or it fits nicely under any of our three sizes of Round or Square tables.


Koi Bench
Copy_of_KOI_BENCH.jpg (30250 bytes)
This beautiful Koi Bench can also be used as a large coffee table with larger pieces of furniture.
5' Long x 2' wide


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