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Redwood Swings & Things
P.O. Box 704
Auberry, CA 93602
(559) 855-2041

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(559) 855-2041

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Did You Know?

* Wood products help cool our planet...

Research shows that using wood helps save energy. Using wood means using less plastic, metal or concrete... energy-intensive materials that emit greenhouse gases during manufacturing.

* Trees absorb carbon dioxide, store it in their wood fibers and release oxygen. This is called Photosynthesis, and this is how trees naturally help clean the air. So when you build a redwood deck or have redwood furniture on your patio, you are actually storing carbon and preventing it from being released into the atmosphere.

* Redwood is exceptionally stable, durable and is less likely to warp, cup or split.

* Redwood has a natural decay and insect resistance throughout the lumber, which makes it the ultimate choice for outdoor lumber.