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Product Maintenance

Care of Your Redwood Outdoor Furniture

Redwood has natural characteristics that make it durable and resistant to decay or rot. Your furniture is made out of what the timber industry calls "con common" redwood which is the combination of heart and sapwood. This gives the wood a variety of color and character which is why we use it to build our furniture. We recommend the following treatments to help prolong its life and preserve its beauty.

Think of your furniture as you would a redwood deck. You probably recondition your deck once a year. Your furniture also needs the same protection, particularly from hot sunshine and continued exposure to water. This tends to dry, crack and make the wood rough. To retard this process, oils need to be replenished. If you wait too long, you will have to sand so we suggest you reseal before this happens. The time varies with the amount of sun and water on your furniture. We recommend at least once a year as the minimum and more often if exposed to direct sunshine or excess water. Under a covered patio with limited exposure, reconditioning intervals will be longer.

We use Superdeck, a transparent penetrating stain containing a combination of three oils (tung, linseed and parafin). The color we use is "Heart Redwood". This product provides protection against sun damage, makes the furniture water repellent and prohibits mildew from growing on any stained surface.  For more product information go to:

Redwood naturally darkens when exposed to continuous sunlight. Superdeck slows that process. When you reseal, if you are happy with the existing color, use natural or clear so the color does not darken. If you prefer a darker richer color, use "Heart Redwood" each time until you reach the desired color then use clear or natural.

Superdeck can be applied by wiping, brushing or spraying. One of those $1 plastic spray bottles works great. Do not dilute. Apply generously when temperatures are between 70 and 90 degrees. Wait approximately 10 minutes allowing oils to penetrate, then wipe off excess with a rag. It will cure and be ready for use in 24 hours. Do not apply in direct sunlight or wind as it will dry too quickly and may need to be rubbed with steel wool.

To clean your furniture, use a little dish soap in some water and wipe gently with a cloth. Spray with water. Allow furniture to dry naturally or wipe gently with a towel.

Other helpful hints:

-Chlorine from a wet swimsuit could leave bleach spots so sit on a towel.

-During winter months, store in garage or under patio cover, if possible.

-If you cover with plastic during the winter months, lift the plastic off the surface allowing air circulation.

-Use a patio stone or similar product under furniture rather than sitting directly on dirt.

Your furniture is built to last and will provide years of enjoyment for you with a little care and maintenance.

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