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Product Descriptions


Have some hanging plants but no way to display them?  Take a look at the Full Round, Barrel and Teardrop Basket Planters.  We suggest you put a water saucer in the planter then add a pot of blooming flowers.  While hanging, your plant is exposed on all sides.  This water tray will not only protect your basket but will keep the water with your plant instead of running through onto the ground.  Need a place for towels by the spa, pool or in the guest bathroom?  Roll those towels up and stack them in the Full Round Basket Planter.  Looks great!

The Planter Box can be used alone or add another box plus a Planter Box Bench in between; you will have a pleasant sitting area.   This arrangement is great along the edge of a patio or in a small area.  With a third box, you can create an L-shape corner.  These are very versatile as the bench length can be built longer or shorter to fit your space.  The Planter Box can be special ordered in different sizes to suit your needs.  We will  work up estimates for your dimensions.

Need a floor planter?   The Floor Barrel Planter is nearly twice the height of the hanging planter.

The Wishing Well makes a great country accent piece for a yard or patio.  It stands approximately 4' high.  Add a potted flower to the hanging basket for color.  Cut a plastic garbage can down to size and put into the base, then add dirt and plants.  The plastic can helps preserve the bottom of the base.  We suggest you set it on flat stones instead of directly on the dirt.  These two ideas will prolong the life of your Wishing Well.

Entertain on your patio?  This sturdy and attractive Plant Stand is excellent for showing off your favorite plants or makes a unique and wonderful buffet to be filled with refreshments for family and friends.   The standard size is 5'x5'x24" but can be special ordered to your specifications.  Send your dimension and we will provide cost estimates.


Roll Back Designs

Our unique Roll Back Design has flowing lines that fit the curve of your body including behind the knees.  This is accomplished by our use of smaller pieces of wood enabling us to create finer curves.  The high back provides a nice head rest.  This comfort can be found in our chairs, rockers, gliders, swings, etc.  

Each piece of furniture with the Roll Back design comes in two sizes.  The full size comfortably fits most adults up to 6'6" in height.  The smaller version is shorter in the seat but has the same nice high back.  

Chairs, rockers, swings and gliders are available to seat one, two, three or more persons.  Swings comes with a stand-alone A-frame or can be hung from an existing beam on your patio.  A sturdy lattice roof is available for the swing set.

We use 2x6 for the super structure of these chairs with dadoed joints that are bolted together making a very sturdy piece of furniture.

To complete your comfort, End Tables and Footstools in the Roll Back design are available, also.



Take your pick from our many styles and sizes of tables. The Square and Round Tables come in three sizes.   Add either Curved or Straight Benches or Fan Back Chairs to complete your set.  The 6 foot and 8 foot tables come with detached side benches included.  Smaller benches can be added to each end.   These tables are handicap accessible from either side or end.  The typical picnic table with benches attached also comes in 6 foot  or 8 foot lengths.  

These tables are built using 2x4s and 2x6s making a very sturdy well-built piece of furniture.  The legs on the Square and Round  tables are 4x4 shaped into a hex design for eye appeal.

The Tropic and Sequoia Tables have attached benches providing an individual seating section for each person.


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